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    Vendetta is an Armenian crime drama series that aired on USArmenia TV. The lifelong rivalry of Aram Adamyan and Grik Ayvazyan leads to fatal consequences. Arto Ayvazyan, Grik Ayvazyan’s son, is a doctor, who is sentenced to 25 years in jail after being framed for the murder of Elen Adamyan, the granddaughter of Aram Adamyan. In the beginning, it is unknown who framed him. Pont, Aram Adamyan’s step-son, is kidnapped by the Ayvazyans and forced to unknowingly kill his own cousin. In response, the Adamyans kill Grik Ayvazyan’s youngest son, Arto’s brother, who was planning to get married. Arto comes home from work only to find that his mother has committed suicide from the distress of losing her son. The show features a dark and mysterious storyline with unexpected plot twists.

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