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Mexramis - Episode 58 - 12/29/2016



Mexramis (Honeymoon) is an Armenian drama television series that airs on USArmenia TV, starring Vache Amaryan, Tatevik Adumyan, Eteri Voskanyan, and Ruben Muradyan. It tells the story of Dina and Arsen, who get married despite the fact that they do not love each other. Arman is Arsen’s brother, who returns from the U.S. to make it to his brother’s wedding. After witnessing the tension and hatred between the bride and the groom, he angrily leaves the wedding ceremony. This and the heated conversation with his brother, cause him to be distracted and unintentionally hit Sara with his car. Sara is an orphan, who grew up in an orphanage after her parents died. Her dream is to get married and form a family, but her dreams are shattered when she finds her fiancé in bed with the head of the orphanage. This unexpected encounter between Arman and Sara changes everything, however their story becomes complicated. When Arsen catches Dina attempting to run away with another man during the wedding, he tries to stop her, but ends up being stabbed with a knife. The series received high ratings since day one and continues to be one of the most watched Armenian TV shows of all time.

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