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Erani - Episode 205 - 12/28/2016



Yerani (or Erani) is an Armenian TV series that airs on USArmenia TV, starring Shushanna Tovmasyan and Ben Avetisyan. It tells the story of Ani, whose father left her when she was a child, causing her mother to commit suicide and leaving her with her sick grandfather, Sahak. Ani falls in love with Aram, but the two of them are unable to be together and are constantly faced with problems, due to the fact that Sahak Grandpa does not approve of the two of them being together. Sash is Aram’s close friend, whose father, Albert, hires Ani to work at his company, in order to be able to take care of Sahak Grandpa. As the story progresses, it is unveiled that Albert is Ani’s father, who left her when she was a child. The series received high ratings since day one, and continues to be one of the most watched Armenian TV shows of all time.

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